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"In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, and reprisal."


Rental Housing Information

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The dedicated staff of Charter Township of Union work as a team to assure that the built environment and the systems within are sound, safe, and sanitary; building users' health, safety and welfare are protected; and that, through a coordinated program of code compliance, investigation and training, there is a consistent application of standards.

Community and Economic Development Director
Rodney Nanney, AICP
(989)772-4600 ext 232
Rental Inspector
Eric Miller
(989)772-4600 ext 236
Building Department Clerk
Amy Peak
(989)772-4600 Ext 242



Rental Information

Union Township adopted a Housing Licensing Code Ordinances, 20-04 that requires new rental properties to comply with all portions of the Rental Inspection Code and all other applicable codes with respect to fire resistance rate, construction, fire protection systems and means of egress.

As an aid to prospective rental property owners, Union Township has developed the Rental Property Information sheet and Rental Guidelines information sheet. Another aid available to Tenants and Landlords is the handbook A practical guide for Tenants and Landlords. The appointed Rental Inspector, Eric Miller from Union Township will inspect all structures or portions thereof in the Township that are being leased or rented for human habitation using the Housing Licensing Code and referenced International Property Maintenance Code. The Township will schedule an inspection of all existing rentals and leases after receiving an Application for Rental Inspection from the Owner or Agent and after all fees are paid in full according to the Rental Inspection Fee Schedule.  After inspection and the property complies with requirements or if violations exist, corrections made and a re-inspection performed to verify compliance, will Owner or Agent receive a Housing License stating the property is compliant with the Rental Inspection Code.


Responsibilities of Owners Per Housing Licensing Code 20-04

Responsibilities of Occupants (Tenants) Per Housing Licensing Code 2004

Fee Schedule

Housing Licensing Ordinance 20-04 - The Ordinance adopted August 12, 2020

Rental Application and Information Update Form- Apply for or update rental information

Building Permits may be required for any building, remodeling, or alterations to the rental unit.  Please see Building Department for more information.

All Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Permits will be pulled with Isabella County Community Development Department.

Resource Library:

EPA Mold Guide

EPA Renovate Right

Renovation Record Keeping Checklist


Welcome to Union Township

Being a new resident in an unfamiliar town can be confusing.  To make you feel more at home, we’ve put together this information about how things work.  If your questions aren’t answered, please give us a call at 989-772-4600.

THE DO'S & DON'TS OF RENTING: Rental Inspections occur each year by the Township Rental Inspector.  Click on The Do's & Don'ts of Renting to know what to expect at your next inspection

TRASH:  Residents/owners contract with independent service providers.  This is not a township provided service.

:  If a rental has a cart, it should be placed at the curb early in the morning on pickup day and removed no later than 6:00 p.m. the day after pickup.  Carts should be stored in garages, back or side yards with adequate screening, out of sight from the street or alley.

RECYCLING:  See list of acceptable materials on the Isabella County web page or call 773-9631 for further information. 
Larger apartment complexes may offer on-site recycling, or residents may drop off acceptable items free of charge at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at 4208 East River Road.  For further information, call the MRF at 773-9631.

FURNITURE:  Couches, chairs, or other furniture designed for indoor use may not be placed on porches, in yards, or anywhere outdoors.

:  Grass and weeds should be cut on a regular basis.  Union Township ordinance requires that grass be maintained at 12 inches or less throughout the growing season. 

SIDEWALKS:  As a courtesy to other residents, snow should be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall.

ANIMALS:  Union Township local ordinance allows no more than 4 dogs and/or cats in any residence in the Township.  House and yard areas must be kept free of animal waste. 
Dogs may run loose when confined in their own yards; otherwise they must be leashed at all times.  Outside of the owner’s own yard, the person in charge of the animal is responsible for picking up any excrement the animal leaves, and equipment (bag/scoop) for removing it must be carried at all times.
All rentals in Union Township are regulated by the Housing Licensing Code, 20-04 and are inspected annually by the Rental Inspection Personnel for conditions which might jeopardize the health and safety of the occupants.  If you have questions about conditions in your rental, please call Union Township at 989-772-4600. 
Tenants should first contact the landlord and ask that the problem be corrected.
If the landlord does not correct the problem, there are specific steps tenants can take.  They are outlined in “A practical Guide for Tenants and Landlords,” which clearly summarizes Michigan’s laws governing tenant and landlord issues, including maintenance problems. For a free copy, stop in at Union Township which is located at 2010 S Lincoln St.
If you feel you need immediate attention with a problem, contact the Union Township Rental Inspections (772-4600), or Isabella County Sheriff’s office (772-5911) and they can help you decide if the problem requires immediate attention.